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Euro-Net Ilkan Karaman wants to emulate Omer Asik

Adidas Eurocamp/Robert Serra

Ilkan Karaman, the center/power forward the Nets drafted in June near the end of the second round tells a Turkish newspaper he wants to emulate the career or Rockets center and fellow Turk Omer Asik but says he models his game after Kenyon Martin.

The 22 year-old power forward, taken at #57, said that he follows Omer Asik’s success in the NBA and wants to be just like him. Asik, at 7 foot, is a little more than two inches taller than Karaman. is averaging 10 points and 12.4 rebounds The two Turkish bigs have played together on national teams.

While he wants to follow Asik's career, Karaman, known as K-Mart, insists his game is more likely the other K-Mart.

I really like Kenyon Martin’s style of play, I would have loved to play alongside him. My biggest flaw is lack of experience and now I’m slowly becoming more experienced. Playing with the national team and playing in the Euroleague improves my game a lot. I think I can improve my shooting and become better at the defensive end."

Karaman is averaging 5.7 points in the Turkish League and 5.3 in the Euroleague along with four rebounds in Turkey and three in the larger European competition. He is shooting better than 60 percent from two point range and 35 percent from three.