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Update: Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian Still Married


This one is too easy, so we'll pass on it. A lawyer for Kim Kardashian told a judge Wednesday that the reality TV star feels "handcuffed" to Kris Humphries and wants to be set free, legally that is. Kardashian famously filed for divorce, without informing Humphries of her plans, 72 days after they were married in what some called the marriage of the year but which others, including Humphries say was a fraud. Citing fraud, Humphries wants an annulment rather than a divorce. He also wants to know what happened to their wedding gifts.

The delays which Kardashian complains about are the result of Humphries wanting access to financial records of her reality TV empire, records that he has yet to see. He also wants to depose Kardashian and others in her family about her intentions before they were wed.. He's already deposed Kardashian's mother, aka "momager," Kris Jenner, and her current boyfriend and Jay-Z pal, Kanye West. There are reports that West wants to marry Kardashian once the divorce is finalized. At one point, West rapped that he could have used his friendship with the Nets minority owner to get Hump fired. Mikhail Prokhorov, who gave the once happy couple matching Russian fur hats --he must have a nice stash of them, backed up his power forward and later gave him $24 million.

The divorce trial, which Hump wants televised live, could start as early as February in Los Angeles. Like the Days of Our Lives...