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"Brook-lyn" chant, "realness" part of Brooklyn Nets lure

There was hardly a story on the Nets win vs. the Knicks that didn't include mention of the "Brook-Lyn" chant which started in Atlantic City in the preseason (true story) and then got pumped up by the Nets "anthem" by John Forte after Monday is part of the Nets' lure.

It was the refrain as well Tuesday morning when the DJ's from Hot97 got together to talk about what were the three "realest" things that happened during the game. No. 3 was Slick Rick was booed at halftime, No. 2 was the choice of music during the Nets comeback and No. 1 was Jay-Z offering player rotation advice to Avery Johnson.

But the funnest part of the realest talk was the discussion of defections and why some Knick fans might cross the East River and join the Brooklynites (BrooklyKnights?) "How about people who are tired of the Knicks?" asked one of the guys in the studio. "Who stuck with them through their horrible trades and their $50 million deals to Nobody Generic Ballers? How 'bout those people?! It's time for you to ride with the Nets!"

They are not alone. TrueHoop's Henry Abbott, from his New Jersey video lair, speaks of why "the Nets, not the Knicks are in the drivers seat" over the last decade, citing number of playoff wins (32 to 1), winning percentage in regular season (44 to 41) , wins in regular season head-to-heads (23 to 17) and trips to the Finals (2 to 0). "Where on earth did this idea come from that the Knicks have the upper hand in this rivalry?" asks Abbott. Maybe he ask Marc Berman.