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Celtics Next Up for Soaring Nets

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

Wait, they have to play another game?! The Knicks game wasn't the end of it all? Who knew? Well, it's true, the Nets travel to Boston for a big game in the division and conference. The Nets want to pick up as many tie-breakers as they can. The Celtics are currently 8-6, two games back of the Nets. Both teams are on short winning streaks, Brooklyn three and Boston two.

The Nets defeated the Celtics on November 15 without Rajon Rondo. This time, they will have Rondo and everyone but Avery Bradley who still hasn't played this season. Since that game, the Celtics still have the same strengths and weaknesses. They are still 30th in rebounding and second in assists and they are still 22nd in points allowed. Kevin Garnett is still averaging fewer than 30 minutes per game but expect a lot more post-ups with Rondo on the court. Rondo has a chance to make a little bit of history Wednesday night. He is is currently tied with John Stockton for most consecutive games with 10 or more assists at 37 Magic Johnson holds the record with 46.

For the Nets, it will be a chance to run their winning streak to four and improve their road record. While they're 7-1 at home, they're only 2-3 away from Barclays Center. Other than Tornike Shengelia's thumb sprain and assorted nicks, aches and pains, they remain healthy.