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Andray Blatche: Having the last laugh or reminding people of what went wrong?


Andray Blatche had a good time Monday night. The Nets won. Prior to the game, he talked about how much he loves playing in Brooklyn and in the same conversation asked nobody in particular if anyone had "seen how the Wizards are doing?" The Wizards, who amnestied him last summer, are of course winless and within seven losses of erasing the Nets 0-18 record start of two years ago. Not a big deal.

Then, on Tuesday morning, he went on Washington radio and went further, probably further than he should have. As a number of people noted, there was no need for him to expand on his comments. It was a no-win situation. He joined 106.7 The Fan’s Holden Kushner and Danny Rouhier for a no holds barred interview that went over issues from seven years ago (his arrest for prostitution as a 20 year old) through his poor conditioning following the lockout up to his amnesty.

Blatche, who has previously said he sees the Nets organization as first class, heavily criticized the Wizards organization saying that they didn't help him, embarrassed him and basically, "tried to end me."

"I needed help ... I asked them, 'Why is nobody having my back? Everybody said, 'You have to play through it and things will turn around.' " he told Kushner and Rouhier, adding that behind his back the Wizards dissed him.

He admitted he was out of shape last year and made a lot of mistakes in Washington, but the point both Monday night and Tuesday morning was the same: the Wizards problems didn't start or end with him. They have other issues, as evidenced by what's happening in the nation's capital.

Meanwhile, the bad feelings many Wizards fans feel toward Blatche are summed up in a video made by a Wizards fan who finally and mournfully gives up, burns his Wizards gear and looks for a new team. He finds it in Brooklyn but then makes a grisly discovery. The Nets have signed Blatche.