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Mikhail Prokhorov presents Russian fur hats to bald basketball players

Mikhail Prokhorov

The post-game show on TNT, was already a fun affair before EJ's Neat-o-Stat of the Game segment aired. Who's sponsoring this, Charles Barkley asked Ernie Johnson. His question was immediately answered by an announcer. It was Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov. Of course it was.

Prokhorov appeared in pre-recorded video, a Nets t-shirt his most prominent fashion statement. He had a surprise for Ernie, Charles, Kenny and Shaq.

Hello, Fellas, sorry you couldn't make it to Brooklyn for the Opening Night. We Russians all know about very bad weather. In fact, I am sending you a gift just in case you come to see my great country -- a Russian hat that will keep your bald heads nice and warm. And please, wear them in good health. And please, come to Brooklyn soon and see our amazing Barclays Center arena. Go Nets!

As the video finished, the screen dissolved to the four TNT personalities (well, the three personalities and Shaq) all wearing oversized Russian hats, with ear flaps. Shaq, who said his Russian name is "Vladimir Mandingo, thanked Prokhorov in Russian, "Spasibo." It was a fun night for all.

Prokhorov's co-owner, Jay-Z, had a more subtle but defining message, tweeted out after the game. "The city is under new management."