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Tyshawn Taylor, Toko Shengelia headed to Springfield


Two of the Nets three rookies will soon head to Springfield to get some time on the court with the Armor. Tim Bontemps reports that Avery Johnson is likely to send them down early next month after the Nets finish a three-stop road trip.

Toko Shengelia, 21, is likely to head up the Thruway first because Johnson would rather keep three point guards on the roster for a while. Shengelia who can play both forward spots has been inactive the last two games and has played only two minutes the last eight games.

Taylor, 22, played 19 minutes in the Nets first four games, but only three since. He played at the end of the Blazer game and hit a seven-footer with 45 seconds left.

The Armor, who won their opener Saturday night, have the maximum 10 players on their roster, including four players who were in NBA camps this fall. Shengelia and Taylor would not count against the roster limitations. Carleton Scott, who played with Shengelia in summer league and training camp, is currently their starting small forward and Ben Uzoh, the former Net and Raptor, is the starting point guard.

Shengelia and Taylor would be the second and third Nets to be sent down since the team took over basketball operations in Springfield a year and a half ago. Jordan Williams was the first.