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What the Nets mean to Brooklyn, What Brooklyn means to the Nets

In Episode 5 of "The Road to Brooklyn," the docu-series on Jay-Z's YouTube channel, Life+Times, producers examine what the team means to the borough and what the borough means the team. Utilizing interviews with local artists and Nets community reps, the piece tries to place the Nets in the context of a borough that's becoming more than a place ...and the pressure that can bring.

Says one local, DJ Clark Kent, "The Brooklyn Nets probably have more pressure than any team in the NBA because of the city tht they're in." Adds Hip-hop artist Telli Ninjasonik, "They're going to bring their best game and their heart and soul to this Brooklyn arena, because that's all we know, because you're not just playing for a team, you're playing for a borough, a borough that's a city, a borough that's a country, a borough that's a way of life,"

As with the previous episodes, this one is heavy with Marty Markowitz. "They'll hear it, that's for sure. When they're great, they'll know it and when they're not great they'll know it, too." Or as Brooklyn resident Khalid Summer puts it, "It's either fight or flight. So they're going to either be great or we're going to look at them and say, 'Do not ride the D train and come through my neighborhood."