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No restrictions on Gerald Wallace as Brooklyn Nets regroup

Gerald Wallace is all better, or at least good enough to play without restrictions. He always plays with abandon.


For the first time since Opening Night three weeks ago, there are no restrictions on Gerald Wallace. After spraining his ankle near the end of the Raptors game on November 3, Wallace sat for six games, had playing time restrictions for two and then was given the night off Wednesday vs. the Warriors.

Against the Clippers, Avery Johnson said Wallace would have no restrictions and the coach said that he hopes to play the small forward 32 minutes or so as the Nets try to break a two-game losing streak. Johnson said that Wallace's night off vs. Golden State was pre-planned to help him fully heal. Wallace had said after the Lakers game the night before that he felt like "trash."

Other news out of the Friday morning shootaround in Brooklyn --the PNY Center remains waterlogged-- was about the Deron Williams - Chris Paul rivalry. Johnson said he would pay to see it (no need) and Williams said Paul "brings out the best" in him. Paul was taken one spot behind the Nets guard in the 2005 NBA Draft. The two have won two Olympic gold medals together as part of Team USA and are personal friends. WIlliams is 13-4 against Paul.

Beyond his relationship with D-Will, Paul said that he talks regularly with another member of the Nets family. He said he and Jay-Z "talk all the time." He's "like a big brother to me," said Paul. "I seek him out for advice all the time about different things." When Tim Bontemps asked Paul if he expected Jay-Z to be in Brooklyn for the game, he said he did.

Reggie Evans declined comment on his $5,000 flopping fine, but was only too happy to talk about his old team, the Clippers. LA sent him to the Nets in a sign-and-trade last July in return for a swap of second rounders in 2016 and a trade exception from the Gerald Wallace deal. Johnson, asked if he was concerned about Evans being penalized for flopping: "He's not going in timeout."

Based on tweets from Tim Bontemps, Rod Boone, Ben Couch, Mike Mazzeo, Kristie Ackert and Howard Beck.