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Josh Childress assistant calls Barclays Center "scrap iron"


As we read Friday's New York Times article on the bar scene around Barclays Center, our first thought was not about which bar we should visit after the Clipper game. Rather, we were imagining Brett Yormark's reaction when he read what Scott McClain, identified as "a personal assistant to Josh Childress" said about the arena (admittedly while quaffing a delicious Brooklyn Lager or two.)

And we quote...

"I took a car service in from Weehawken, where I live now, and my driver pulled up and said, ‘That’s the arena,’ I was shocked. It’s extreme, a little out there. It didn’t look like it fits the neighborhood, that scrap iron. Where I come from (California), that kind of metal is used in prisons."

McClain also called the interior of the building "very dark," which of course is the point. McClain did like the local food and beverages, but didn't like the lines. Overall, the author thought that it would take time for fans of the Nets, described as " a gloriously inept basketball team from the petrochemical badlands of New Jersey," to find a "signature watering hole." We can wait.