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"Deez Nets" gear too raunchy for Nets

Saad Ali

BrooklynFans, the video-based website, reveals that the Nets decided not to re-stock "Deez Nets" themed gear. The theme echoed the 1992 "Deez Nuts" rap by Dr. Dre. The rap's lyrics have been called denigrating to women. In fact, a team spokesman says the Nets did sell "Deez Nets" t-shirts for one day, then pulled them.

BrooklynFans reported, "Clerks at the arena team store tell us DEEZ NETS stuff flew off the shelves, but Barclays Center brass decided the phrase wasn’t in good enough taste to re-stock. So online shopping is again the way to go, as it usually is these day."

A spokesman for the Nets and Barclays Center, asked about the story, initially replied, "We don't sell this at the arena or on" When asked if they ever sold the gear at either, the response was "We did not." Later, the spokesman called back to say that indeed the Nets did sell "Deez Nets" gear, but only for one day before pulling it.

The gear is still available at, which notes, "You'll love the tongue-in-cheek humor of this adidas® Brooklyn Nets Deez Nets t-shirt! Crafted with comfy cotton, this short-sleeve shirt features the Nets' logo and "Deez Nets" text screenprinted on the front."