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In latest Jay-Z video on "Road to Brooklyn," Nets Dance Team is the feature

Just as "The Association" is on its fourth episode, so too is "Road to Brooklyn," the docu-series produced by Jay-Z's Life+Times YouTube channel. In the past, the episodes have focused on the team and the rivalry with the Knicks. In this one, it's all about the selection process for the Brooklynnets, including Kimberlee Garis, who runs the team as part of her job as Director of Entertainment Marketing, and AdaIr Wellington, Dance Team Coach.

"We've definitely tested them, in all the different areas that are important to the shop," says Garris. "So it's not just about being a pretty face, it's not just about use of choreography, it's about, one, being an athlete, two, being a brand ambassador, and then three, of course, being an outstanding dancer."