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Deron Williams thinking long-term about the lure of Brooklyn Nets


In a feature in Red Bull Magazine, produced by his biggest sponsor, Deron Williams tours Brooklyn, hitting parks and grocery stores, talking about the Nets, gauging sentiment about the newcomers. But interspersed among the drop-ins are comments about how he thinks the Nets new cachet in New York can affect his team's success.

Even with a stable roster, and grinding restrictions of the new CBA, Williams thinks the Nets can leverage Brooklyn and all it means in terms of myth and money to attract better players via free agency.

"It was harder to get people to come to New Jersey in free agency. It’s going to be a lot easier to get people to come to Brooklyn," he says at one point, then adding, "People are proud of being from Brooklyn. I don’t think we’re going to have a problem selling out the arena. Other people around the NBA are taking notice and want to see what this can be."

The author of the piece writes that indeed the numbers are going Brooklyn's way. Since unveiling the new logo on April 30, the team has sold more than $4 million worth of tickets, 75 percent of its luxury suites, and 2,000 non-premium season-ticket plans.

“New York City,” Williams notes. “There’s no city like it.”