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Reggie Evans receives "flopping" warning from NBA

No surprise here. Reggie Evans is officially a flopper.


You knew this was coming. Reggie Evans has received a warning under the league's anti-flopping rule for a play in the second quarter of the Nets game vs. the Celtics, according to Evans fell down after getting into it with Jared Sullinger, the Celtics' rookie forward.

As AP reported before the season, officials monitor games and review plays that could have included an egregious flop after a game has ended. Everyone gets one warning, but after that, the bills start piling up. The second offense will cost a player $5,000, a third will go to $10,000. Four flops and it's $15,000 and a fifth will be a whopping $30,000.

Evans, identified only as "No. 30 in white," was the star of the NBA anti-flopping video circulated in the preseason. The Nets forward has long been accused of flopping, which the league promised would get attention.