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Ex-Nets talk about what they're working on down in the D-League

Springfield Armor

A Look Inside Springfield Armor Media Day 2012 (VIDEO)

The three former Nets players who find themselves on the Springfield Armor roster talked to the Atlantic Twine blog about what the Nets would like them to work out while they're down in the D-League. Ex-Net Ben Uzoh, who the Armor acquired in a Draft Day trade, and the Nets two training camp invites sent down, Carleton Scott and James Mays, all spoke about what the NBA parent club asked them to do.

Carleton Scott was told to shoot, shoot, shoot and don't worry about missing...

Being a shooter, flat out. I can shoot the ball at will in any situation. That's what I can bring here. That's what I'm going to do. They told me to work on shooting, to have confidence shooting the ball, not worrying about missing. Just doing that and getting better on defense.

Ben Uzoh, who has had stints with the Nets, Raptors and Nuggets, said he would try to bring leadership...

Just telling everybody how to work. how do you work, when do you work. you might always play ball, but you can always control your attitude, your professionalism, your effort. That;s what I'm accepting, embracing every day. So I can show guys. Keep working, keep fighting for my dream, keep punching.

James Mays was told to work on finishing and post moves. He also spoke about what he learned in Brooklyn...

Finishing a little better around the basket...getting a move here and there...being more athletic, shooting better around the basket.

I took a lot of things from Deron Williams, his leadership, how he got everybody involved from the top eight guys to lowest eight guys and Reggie Evans. He really focused on his niche. He might not be a great scorer, but he's a great teammate. He put pride in what he did.

The Nets are very optimistic about the Armor's chances but the top priority remains helping the Nets. Said Bob MacKinnon, the Armor head coach...

We had four call-ups. We want more. We won the Eastern Division. We want more. Our league is about flexibility. You learn to be flexible. We try to keep things simple. Run the system, the terminology, the Nets use. SO if they do get a call-up to the Nets, or if someone comes down from the Nets, it's the same system. No one has to make any adjustments. So, It's a good way to go.

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