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Brook Lopez on whether Mikhail Prokhorov can still dunk and why he feels like Batman at Barclays

Pro100 Basketball

Brook Lopez talks to DIME's Andrew Greif about a lot of the usual things the seven-footer is asked about: comic books, video games, Dwight Howard and his solid start this season. But Greif also gets into some other stuff, like how the turntable elevators inside Barclays Center remind him of a Batman movie and his boss' game.

The turntables have wowed a number of teams. Buses, trucks and players' cars drive on to the turntable and then descend to an underground parking and unloading area 25 feet down. Lopez says it's the biggest difference between the Barclays Center and the Prudential Center.

Probably for me being a big comic book guy there’s a huge turntable where the vehicle elevators come down and it turns around like the Batman movies with the Batmobile. It’s a big turntable like that and every time my car goes down it turns around and I feel like I’m in the Batmobile a little bit.

As for Mikhail Prokhorov's game, Lopez thinks the 47-year-old Russian power forward has potential.

Oh I think if he wanted to sign himself I think he could. I think he could dunk it on people.
Dime: Really, still?
Oh yeah, no question.

Speaking of Prokhorov, Batman and comic books, Russian media are noting that the author of the Prokhorov comic book compared the Nets owner to Bruce Wayne, Batman's alter ego. Lopez is out promoting Ubisoft’s "Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth" this week. He's hoping for a creative consultant role in the sequel, adding that if it works, he might want to sneak BrooklyKnight, a Marvel creation, into it.

Expect to see a lot more of Lopez. In other Brook-Lyn news, he's holding a basketball camp on December 16 and recently, perhaps unforgettably, he tried his hand at acting or a reasonable facsimile. WFAN's Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton had him reenact a scene from The Silence of the Lambs in the role of Buffalo Bill. You know you can't resist listening.