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Nate Silver, polling wizard, latest celeb to join Brooklyn Nets fanbase

(CC) JD Lasica,

He's not Jay-Z, Beyonce', Jimmy Fallon, Ethan Hawke or Fabolous, but Nate Silver is a star in his own geeky right. And just like the others, Silver, the New York Times polling expert who correctly called every single state in the Presidential election, is apparently a Nets fan, too.

The Brooklyn Heights resident tweeted an image of the Nets during the National Anthem Thursday night (and from the vantage point, he had some sweet seats.) After the game, Silver tweeted that the win over the Celtics was "Biggest win in the history of the Brooklyn Nets." Don't need no calculator for that!

It wasn't the first time the Nets drew Silver's attention. After the Nets announced their corporate logo six months ago, Silver tweeted, "Sort of disappointed that the Brooklyn Nets are calling their colors 'black" and 'white' instead of eggshell and raven."

Silver has reached cult status (among some people) as a result of his predictions both in the 2012 and 2008 elections. His FiveThirtyEight blog accounted for 20 percent of the Times' web traffic on Election Night.