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Brook Lopez as "The Big Dude," Sex and the City and other things

A look at "The Big Dude", the emergence of Brook Lopez as a basketball player and as a personality, perhaps a defining one in a borough that celebrates the quirky in its hipster-ness.

Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

It's sort of esoteric but Mark Macyk's profile of Brook Lopez for The Classical hits a lot of the right points about Brook Lopez, who is now, make no mistake about it, rising in public perceptions (and even making some Nets fans forget his rebounding numbers.)

Macyk's point is basically rejoice in that weird part of the Big Dude. The guy is cool, California cool when he arrived, Brooklyn hipster cool of late. He notes Lopez's love of "Sex and the City" while at Stanford and tries to fit Lopez and his teammates into the molds of the series main characters. For example, "nonplussed point guard Deron Williams is obviously Miranda: a bit too good for the others, always the smartest in the room." Lopez, he opines, is more Carrie Bradshaw, the Sarah Jessica Parker character. "The thinking man’s man. The one with the unpublished novels, the comic books penned with his brother, and the unusual fashion sense." (Mirza Teletovic, he writes, is Samantha.)

It's that thinking man's man that intrigues Macyk as he writes about Lopez's personality, how neither being big nor being a basketball player defines "the Big Dude," as he calls him. " It’s why Lopez gets things half right and why, secretly, Nets fans are happier with him," Macyk concludes. "Because if you win with Brook Lopez, it means more. The dream is for Lopez to stay who he is, while embracing who he can be."