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For Marv Albert, a delayed, but still sweet, homecoming


It's a story oft-told, how Marv Albert and his brothers loved the Dodgers so much as children that they began "calling" games in a locked room of their home in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn. Then, after that, Marv got a job with the Dodgers as an errand boy before they took flight to L.A. Now, Albert will return home to call the first nationally televised game of the Dodgers' successors, the Brooklyn Nets.

It's a bit of delayed gratification. The Hall of Fame announcer was supposed to call the Nets vs. Knicks on November 1, a game postponed by Hurricane Sandy. He's now in his 50th season as an NBA announcer. Don't expect Albert to be that emotional. He is the ultimate pro, never giving up his tradition of listening to every game he's called, going to his first big break in 1963. But we'd be sorely disappointed if he didn't take note, just as Bryan Curtis does for Grantland.