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Episode 4 of "The Association" Focuses on Bigs"The Association"

As the Nets arrive on the west coast Friday, "The Association" Episode Four will premier on NBA TV. The episode, which will run for the first time at 6:30 p.m. features a look at the Nets' bigs, Brook Lopez, Andray Blatche and Reggie Evans, among other things.

There will also be a look at a Nets practice where everyone admits things are not going as well as they would like; the Nets wins against the Magic and Cavaliers, plus cameo's by the Nets' beat writers: Howard Beck, Stefan Bondy, Tim Bontemps and Rod Boone, aka "the Other Killer B's."

As the promotional material notes, these are not "the same old Nets," that in the past, a slow start may have been tolerated as part of a growing process - but not now.