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Nets attendance up 800 over first four dates; Up 2,300 over last season's average


Nets attendance thus far in Brooklyn is about 800 more on average than it was at this point last season when the Nets played a lockout-shortened season in Newark. After Tuesday's game drew a near-sellout crowd of 17,032, the Nets average attendance is 16,326 for the first four home games. Last season, after four home games, the Nets were averaging 15,500. Attendance, however, is 2,300 more than last year's final season average.

Prior to Tuesday night, the Nets' attendance was down from last season's first three dates, but Tuesday's crowd was nearly 5,000 larger than last season's fourth game in Newark. Transit issues and power issues have no doubt affected the numbers. An average attendance of 16,000+ would put the Nets at around #18 in NBA attendance, their best ranking since the 1990's. The Nets finished 30th in the NBA last year with a season average of 13,961.

Official NBA attendance figures are based on tickets sold. With the Nets having sold 11,000 season tickets, about double last year's numbers, they have an automatic year-to-year advantage. In an article written prior to Tuesday's game, the New York Times suggested the lack of a Brooklyn bump.

Jerry Stackhouse says the Nets will have to earn Brooklynites' respect. "We might be able to recruit some true Brooklynites, but you have to earn the respect of New York fans first," he said. "They’re like Philly fans, you know, tough love." Stack, who played three yeas with the 76ers, would know.