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"Bench Mob" or "Dem Bums" - Brooklyn Nets second unit playing well


Last season, C. J. Watson was a big part of the Bulls well-publicized ' "Bench Mob," its first rate second unit. The unit's members have since spread out to the far corners of the NBA. So, can the Nets adopt the nickname for their bench guys? Andray Blatche thinks so, mainly because he thinks the Bulls never should have claimed ownership in the first place.

"He didn't bring that from Chicago," Blatche told Mike Mazzeo. "Don't you dare say that came from Chicago. It came from me in D.C. with the other team I was with." (Other team? Like "Someone that I used to know?")

The Nets rank 15th in the NBA in reserve scoring at 33.6 points per game and 10th in field goal percentage at 45 percent. And before anyone gives them a nickname, Avery Johnson wants everyone to know somethin Oherg. "We're pretty good on both ends of the floor, but that unit struggles when they don't have (anchor) Joe Johnson."

Meanwhile, Mazzeo thinks the nickname should be "Dem Bums," the loving name given the Brooklyn Dodgers in the early part of last century.