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Is Avery Johnson underusing Mirza Teletovic?


Rob Mahoney is Sports Illustrated's new Point Forward and he offers a list of NBA players who deserve more playing time, breaking them down into veteran and rookie categories. In the rookie category, Mahoney has Mirza Teletovic, who's currently out of the rotation.

The Nets lobbied Teletovic, considered one of the top scorers not yet in the NBA, to sign for for the mini mid-level exception this past summer. But Avery Johnson has largely overlooked the 27-year-old rookie in order to play Andray Blatche and Reggie Evans for a combined 32.5 minutes per game. That’s a low blow; Blatche and Evans haven’t been horrible, but given the glaring limitations of each, it’s a bit surprising that Teletovic hasn’t been simply gifted some of their playing time. It’s impossible for us to know at this point how Teletovic’s game will translate to NBA-style ball, much less the dynamic of this team. But must we really wait for Blatche to establish a pattern of blown rotations and Evans to bungle a dozen layup attempts before an experienced pseudo-rookie gets a proper shot?

Teletovic has scored 13 points on 33.3 per cent shooting (27.3 percent from deep) in 31 minutes over three games. He's also grabbed six rebounds and handed out three assists.