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Reggie Evans: Brooklyn Nets need to focus more on defense, be more like Gerald Wallace


Reggie Evans was happy to get the "W" two nights again vs. the Magic, happy to see the team playing defense, but the 6'8" Evans, seen as one of the NBA's toughest players, tells Rod Boone the team still needs to focus more on defense, something he says "a LOT" of his teammates haven't been asked to do before. He offers Gerald Wallace as an example of what the team needs to do ... play defense "the whole game, the whole time."

Here's what he said...

Number 1, it's what, five games, six games? Sometimes it takes a good time. Sometimes, it takes more practice. Sometimes it takes time for other people to adapt to what coaching staff may want. And we're asking a lot from guys, just communicating, just being there, so it's an adjustment for a LOT of players of players on the team and some are not used to doing that in the past. So now you got to do it.

So it's all about just focus. Everyone has got to focus more, focus on film sessions. learn each other's tendencies. all that comes in due time. Its stilll early but I dont want to use that as an excuse...but it is. we have to continue to have an aggressive attitude on the defensive end.

Gerald, he knows the game. A lot time he'll overly help and still get back to his man. So he's definitely missed. We still find a win to get a win the last two games. Didn't work out against Miami. It's all about when a person goes out, the next person needs to step up. That;s the main thing and a lot of times, you's got to be more offensive-minded than defensive-minded. And Gerald is more defensive-minded. He lets his offense come to him within the flow of the game, within transition...bucket. Offensive rebound...bucket. Spot-up jumper may be open, within the offensive rotation...bucket. He let his game from an offensive standpoint come from within the game, don't force nothing, but his defense stays intact the whole game, the whole time. Trying to incorporate that into everybody.