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Bojan Bogdanovic plays limited minutes in Fenerbahce loss

Crobasket/B. Petrinovic

If you ask NBA scouts why a European coach would play an NBA draftee big minutes in one game, then very few the next game, the answer is likely to be, "Welcome to the Euroleague."

That's what happened Sunday when Bojan Bogdanovic played only 15 minutes and scored a mere six points on 2-for-4 shooting in a Fenerbahce loss in Turkey. His fellow Euro-Net, Ilkan Karaman, fared worse, failing to score in eight minutes. Simone Pianigiani, Fener's coach, said after the game he wanted to give the team's more experienced players time on the court and can wait on the younger players, specifically citing the two Euro-Nets.

The Nets continue to be high on Bogdanovic in particular, watching all his games live or on tape.