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Dancing Phil will dance no more for Nets


The last time we saw Dancing Phil was in Atlantic City at the first preseason game vs. the 76ers. He wasn't dancing, just watching. It appears that that will be the case from now on. New York Magazine reports that the Nets and Phil Tozzi, food importer and dancing fool, couldn't work out a deal for him to continue his bootying.

"Tozzi and his gyrations are the kind of schlocky sideshow that no longer fits," is how New York's Jason Feifer put it.

Tozzi says the issue is the cost of Nets tickets at Barclays Center. He says he and the Nets never could come to an agreement on a package and thus he will take his dancing elsewhere. "The real dancing, the real me, comes when I don’t care," he says. "I’m just channeling that feeling. I’ll do it on the side of the road. I’ll do it in the supermarket. Nobody tells me when it’s time to dance."