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MarShon Brooks Defense Subject of Brooklyn Nets jokes.

No word yet if MarShon Brooks will play Sunday afternoon vs. the Magic in Brooklyn, but if he does, his minutes will be determined, in large part, by how much defense he plays and how well. Defense is no longer a luxury for the Nets and Brooks. He has to play it.


In the both the latest episode of "The Association," MarShon Brooks defense takes a big hit. Avery Johnson is shown in front of a big screen monitor pointing at a freeze frame of a game video. "Right here with Marshon is? This is what we don't want to do." In the background, his teammates snicker and laugh. Brooks defense is bad.

There's also some praise for Brooks' offense on the clip available on Keith Bogans, who's made his living playing D, is overheard on the sideline talking to Jerry Stackhouse. "The boy got more offense than anybody I've ever seen," says Bogans in a bit of exaggeration, adding, "if he could play defense it would be hard to get him off the floor."

In an interview setting, Bogans explains, "MarShon - big time scorer. Can score the ball in bunches and he's so young, he's just playing off raw talent." Deron Williams adds, "MarShon is still just learning how to play the game. He's working hard every day. and we love him on this team."

In fact, Bogans has become a defensive mentor for Brooks. He tells Tim Bontemps, "I’m helping him as much as I can," said Bogans, who says he's seen improvement this season. "When we first started, I told him that he’s so athletic on the offensive end, I’m going to do what I can to pick up his game on the defensive end."