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"The Association" Replays Sunday


If you've missed any of the three episodes of "The Association," you'll get a chance Sunday. There will be replays on NBA TV starting at noon and then again in the afternoon and evening. Here's the schedule...

12:00 noon - "Embrace the Work" (Episode 2)
12:30 pm - "Heart of Brooklyn" (Episode 3)

5:30 pm - "Hello Brooklyn" (Episode 1)
6:00 pm - "Embrace the Work" (Episode 2)
6:30 pm - "Heart of Brooklyn" (Episode 3)

11:00 pm - "Embrace the Work" (Episode 2)
11:30 pm - "Heart of Brooklyn" (Episode 3)

Also, has posted excerpts of the multi-episode reality TV series on its website. In the latest episode, "Heart of Brooklyn," there's more details on the Nets dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, including some shots of clean-up work at PNY Center, the Nets' training facility in East Rutherford. One Nets official described PNY as a "war zone," and another called it "crushed." Repairs on the center are expected to completed this week.

There's also discussion of MarShon Brooks' development, including a lot of laughing about his defense.