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Andray Blatche becoming key part of Brooklyn Nets rotation

Jared Wickerham

At the end of the game, the boxscore showed five players in double figures and 13 players with positive +/- numbers but the leading scorer was an unlikely name, Andray Blatche, who finished with 15 points, nine boards (four offensive) and four assists, including a couple of nifty ones. He also had +/- rating of +21, second best on the team. He looked very comfortable.

"It always feels good to be on a team who’s got real goals and a real chance to be something and get somewhere," Blatche said. "Just to chip in with my effort and my minutes, it feels good to be a part of it."

He's had some rough patches and for a guy who's nearly 7-foot, a shooting percentage of 35.5 percent is not going to cut it. Still, he sees himself getting better and is happy he's out of Washington, where he was ignominiously amnestied. "I had been there too long, and things had started to go down. Nothing was going to change unless I got out of there."