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Brooklyn Nets "Re-focus" on Toronto Raptors after leaving "Sandy" in their wake

Dave Sandford

The city has cleared Saturday's game vs. the Raptors and on Thursday, the Nets were at Barclays Center, set to "re-focus" on the Atlantic Division rival from Toronto. Jonas Valunciunas instead of Tyson Chandler; Jose Calderon instead of Raymond Felton, DeMar DeRozan instead of Carmelo Anthony.

It was a newsy practice as players talked about their own hurricane experiences. Tyshawn Taylor was the last player to escape the wrath of the storm but he wasn't alone. Mirza Teletovic and his family had three feet of water in his place; Andray Blatche was surprised (and anxious) when he saw boats drifting by his window. Kris Humphries, who's paying $100,000 a year to rent a place in Battery Park City, had to evacuate.

Billy King talked about Deron Williams' bone spurs, minimizing their importance and saying they can be easily managed. King said that while bone spurs caused the inflammation in Williams' ankle, the condition will be cleaned up after the season. He noted several players to deal with the injury throughout a season to no adverse effect, including Kyle Korver, who played for King in Philadelphia.