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Deron Williams on Sports Illustrated cover featuring Brooklyn Nets

The cover of this week's Sports Illustrated, featuring Deron Williams in front of a Brooklyn mural, was revealed Tuesday night. The cover headline reads "Brooklyn Rising, the NBA feels the beat of the street."

The mural features Dr. J, Jay-Z, Jackie Robinson and street ball legend Fly Williams. The feature article is written by Rick Telander, author of the 1976 book "Heaven is a Playground," which chronicled Williams and a summer of Brooklyn street ball. Telander returns to "the borough that spawned generations of schoolboy legends (not to mention legendary characters) and finally has an NBA team of its own."

It's about Brooklyn hoops as much as it is the team. "Brooklyn has more hoops heritage in its parks than Harlem, the Bronx, West 4th St., Philly, Chicago, L.A., anywhere," Telander writes.

Meanwhile, the latest promo for "The Association" is out and it features everyone from Rosie Perez (who once criticized the arena at a rally) to Spike Lee (who appears to limit himself to "Brooklyn in the house").