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Nets set up Barclays Center booth for fans to rave about the Nets


There's a new temporary structure on the Daily News Plaza outside Barclays Center. A photo booth was set up Monday for fans to dance their way into free tickets to a Nets-Celtics game on November 15. The booth, set up by American Express, encourages fans to perform three kinds of celebrations once inside: "(i) Victory Dance, (ii) Rock Out or (iii) Prove It." The booth wasn't open Monday but is expected to be soon.

It's part of an American Express campaign. AMEX is a Nets and Barclays Center sponsor. Fans can also make a 15-second video at home, as the rules state, and enter online at Deron Williams will judge the contest. In addition to two tickets to the game, the grand prize winner and a guest will get at two-night stay at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott, two tickets to "The Vault" and a "Meet and Greet" with D-Will.