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Bogans: Nets treated me better than any team I've played for


Keith Bogans played only five games before he broke his ankle and completely tore his deltoid ligament last February. The Nets released him and it looked like his career with the team was over. Not so. Even after he was cut, Bogans was helped by the Nets training staff.

"From the time my ankle broke through the rehab and all the way back, I haven’t been treated the way I’ve been treated here in my whole career," said Bogans, who's played for seven NBA teams in his nine-year career. So Bogans wanted back and considering his calling card is defense, Avery Johnson wanted him.

Now, Bogans is a leader of the team's second unit, which many pundits have called wanting. He doesn't think there's any problem with the bench. "I think the bench is going to be what makes this team go," he told Alex Raskin. "Honestly, the bench is going to kick the starters’ ass in practice."

Specifically, Bogans spoke of Andray Blatche. “Blatche is impressive,” Bogans said. “That’s all I’m going to say right now. From the time he walked into the gym, I’ve been impressed with him.”