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Brooklyn Nets try out Barclays Center for first time

Deron Williams via Twitter

The Nets arrived in Brooklyn early Sunday for a day of acclimation to Barclays Center, from locker room to sightlines.

Practice on the new court was the top priority, of course, but they also got a chance to use their new (and very fancy) locker room, walk around their new (and very large) "basketball campus", take another look at their new (and very dark) practice court and get their pictures taken again, this time for the team's promotions (and the arena video intro?)

Everyone showed up in their best duds (Deron Williams no doubt in a Bonobos suit) and were seen walking across the entrance plaza, under the oculus and into the VIP entrance. Once inside, there was more shooting, in uniform, under the lights. And finally, a real practice.

"I don't think there's an arena like it," Williams said, making sure to emphasize that Barclays is a "basketball arena," unlike the Prudential Center in Newark. "They spared no expense, they thought about everything."

Kris Humphries said simply, "It's first class. Everything’s so much bigger and nicer than what we’re used to."

Expect a lot more publicity about the Nets "basketball campus," which includes the locker room, weight room, video room, media room, and the practice court. Here's what we wrote about plans for it back in 2010. We're told nothing much has changed.