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Avery Johnson wants "Brooklyn's Backcourt" on court a lot

Brooklyn Nets/Adam Pantozzi

The Nets believe strongly that Deron Williams and Joe Johnson form the NBA's best backcourt, so serious in fact that they want at least one of them on court at all times.

"We have to figure out which one of those guys we want to lead our second team — because we’re not going to play a true second team this year," Johnson said after Saturday’s practice. "We don’t think we can have Deron and Joe out of the game at the same time, so that’s something else we’re trying to develop."

In Friday's scrimmage, it worked out pretty well, Johnson said. "They looked pretty good," Avery Johnson said of D-Will and JJ. "They didn’t shoot the ball great, but they got to the free-throw line. I think both of those guys combined for maybe 12, 14 free throws."

Overall, the coach was happy with the three-quarter scrimmage, particularly the defense. "I thought our defense was really, really good overall. We got after it defensively, [with] a lot of physical play." There were too many fouls, however.

Meanwhile, Reggie Evans says he's cool with the league flopping rule and, tongue firmly planted in cheek, said the video the league chose to explain the rule, featuring him, has to be taken in context. "I was trying to take advantage of me being in L.A. [with the Clippers], trying to be a good actor. [I was] hoping Samuel L. Jackson may see me and want to give me a job or something."