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For Brooklyn Nets, It's all about the talent (now that they have it)

At Media Day, one of the Nets staffers was watching Andray Blatche clown for the camera and said, "People think he and (Josh) Childress are 14th and 15th men on this team because they're getting the vets' minimum. They're going to a lot more important than that." It was his way of saying, this team is stacked!

That's also the theme of Rod Boone's Sunday story on the Nets talent pool: from 1 through 15, the Nets depth this year is unprecedented, at least on paper, at least for the Nets. Gerald Wallace says "This is probably been the most talented team I've been on, since I was in Sacramento." For the record, during his three years with the Kings, they averaged nearly 60 wins a season and featured Chris Webber, Vlade Divas, Peja Stojakovic and Bobby Jackson.

There are, of course, problems with such depth (if it works out as well as everyone hope), including getting everyone the minutes they need and keeping the focus on team.