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Food. including gluen-free fare, big part of Barclays Center's "Brooklyn Thing"

Kris Humphries told Mens Fitness that he's recently added gluten-free foods to his diet. "I think I feel healthier in terms of my stomach and being able to eat and process food faster," he said. His taste for the healthier fare is mirrored by the arena we will play in. Barclays Center will offer gluten-free fare starting October 15, when the Nets host the Wizards in a pre-season encounter.. It will be the first NBA arena to do so. Call it the hipster effect.

The gluten-free offerings will include beer ($9), hot dogs ($5.25) and chocolate bars and other snacks ($4.75) as part of an effort by arena officials to offer Brooklyn-centric food.The arena has already agreed to abide by the city's ban on big gulp sugary drinks (while the Garden offers obscenely large cuts, up to 32 oz.)

Food of course is a big deal at Barclays which is proud of its diverse Brooklyn offerings like fresh-from-Maine lobster rolls, gourmet barbecue brisket and slices of cheesecake from Junior’s on nearby Flatbush Avenue.But Bloomberg News food critic Ryan Sutton provided a somewhat lukewarm review, writing, "Barclays Center is a respectable, if not necessarily memorable, tribute to Kings County’s diverse food scene." Enjoy!