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Teletovic learns about Nets; Nets learn about Teletovic


In practice, Mirza Teletovic has done some things that have surprised Joe Johnson. "I've seen him do a pump fake, get in the lane and shoot a floater. I didn't know he could do all that," Joe told Rod Boone. Both sides are adjusting to one another, on and off the court.

One thing that hasn't surprised anyone is that he can shoot ... from long range. With a quick, high release, he is a stretch four. And his coach thinks that he should have no hesitation about shooting. "I just don't like when he fakes his shot and puts the ball the floor on the times when he's wide open," said Avery Johnson. "I'm just letting him know that I have a lot of confidence in him taking his shot. He'll make it and it's an adjustment period."

Teletovic knows that his defense in particular needs to be upgraded. "This is a very defensive team," Teletovic said. "It has a lot of explosive guys, a lot of physical guys that can play defense. I think I'm one of them. These last few days, I've started to learn the position, how to help and play the pick-and-roll, where I have to stay, where I have to rotate."