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Reggie Evans is star of NBA "Flopping Video"

When you think of flopping, you think of Reggie.

Kirby Lee-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

In its explanation of its new flopping rules, the NBA uses a video showing what's a flop and what's not. The star of the video is Reggie Evans, identified in the video only as "No. 30 in white." Here's how the voice on the NBA video describes Evans' "flop" as a Clipper in the playoffs last season. It's one of seven examples, but the lead one.

The highlighted player, No. 30 in white, sets a screen on the on-ball defender and he then feels slight contact and falls to the floor. However the level of contact on the play is inconsistent with the grossly embellished fall to the floor. This was an illegitimate basketball play by No. 30 in the white uniform intended to earn a defenseive foul call. Again, this is a flop that will be penalized.

So while Joe Johnson loves the flopping rule, at least one of his teammates may see it in a different light.