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Euro-Nets Bogdanovic, Karaman Part of Historic Turkish Win Over Celtics

Bojan Bogdanovic and Ilkan Karaman both contributed to Fenerbahce Ulker's historic preseason victory over the Celtics in Istanbul.

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Bojan Bogdanovic and Ilkan Karaman contributed to a historic basketball win for Turkey Friday. It was the first time a Turkish team faced an NBA team in preseason and Fenerbahce Ulker beat the Boston Celtics 97-91 in Istanbul.

Bogdanovic couldn't get into the lane and so relied on three-pointers and pull-ups, finishing with 11 points on 4-for-11 shooting, including 3-for-9 from deep. The 6'10" Karaman, who faced off against Kevin Garnett in the first half, played well in limited minutes, showing off an ability to finish and toughness on the boards. In 20 minutes of action, the #57 pick had four points and seven rebounds. It was Fener's fourth game in four nights.

Bogdanovic, 23, and Karaman, 22, both reportedly have "NBA outs" in their contracts next July, but both make substantially more than the $490,000 rookie minimum. Billy King has said the Nets could use part of the mini-MLE ($3.09 million) on Bogdanovic.

Bo McCalebb, who almost signed by the Spurs last summer, finished with 21, and Romain Sato, who played for the Spurs in 2004-05, had 24, including a three-point dagger that finished off the Celtics. Boston, whose starters played no more than 30 minutes, were led by Jeff Green, who returned from heart surgery, and Jared Sullinger, a rookie. Both had 16 points. Sullinger added eight rebounds. Rajon Rondo had 13 points and nine assists while Jason Terry had 12.