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Brook Lopez Thanks Shaq; Dwight Howard Does Not

Brooklyn Nets/Adam Pantozzi

The Nets travel to Los Angeles to face the Lakers in late November and it appears everyone is circling November 20. After Shaquille O'Neal told other NBA analysts that he considers Brook Lopez and Andrew Bynum better big men than Dwight Howard, everyone had something to say. And in LA, just before Thanksgiving, there will be something to do.

Lopez was grateful, Deron Williams was encouraging and Avery Johnson said he understood exactly what Shaq was talking about. Dwight Howard...not so much. "I don't care what Shaq says. Shaq played the game. He's done. He's gone. It's time to move on." Note that D12 didn't mention O'Neal's accomplishments.

The Nets center was understated and gracious. "That’s definitely a huge compliment from one of the most dominant big men of all-time," Lopez said Thursday. "So it’s a great compliment. I definitely think Dwight’s a great center ... Bynum as well is one of the best centers in the league. They’re all great challenges for me."

D-Will said his teammate has been unjustly underrated. "People start labeling you a certain type of player. Brook has been going strong, he has been going after every rebound in practice. I expect a big year from him."

On Friday, Phil Jackson checked in, disagreeing with Shaq but offering praise for Lopez and Andrew Bynum, Shaq's other favorite. "Brook and Andrew are guys who have good touches. They’re good scoring players and they have good offensive games,” Jackson said on the “Waddle and Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000 in Chicago on Friday.