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Brooklyn Nets Pre-Season Expected To Sell Out?


Barclays Center is predicting the Nets will have sell-out crowds for all three pre-season games at the arena, according to a calendar obtained by Atlantic Yards Report, a site critical of the arena project. The calendar is provided to community leaders to help plan for crowds, etc.

According to AYR, Barclays is projecting crowds of 18,200 for all three games, on October 15 vs. the Wizards, October 18 vs. the Celtics and October 19 vs. the 76ers. Ticketmaster shows a number of seats still available for all three games, more for the Wizards and the 76ers than for the Celtics. The Nets have 11,000 season ticket holders.

The only other arena sellout projected by the calendar this month is Barbra Streisand's return to Brooklyn on October 11 and 13. Harlem Globetrotters game Sunday is projected to have 8,400 people on hand. AYR also reports the Barclays Center parking lot, two blocks from the arena, has been virtually empty for the Jay-Z concerts