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Suite War: Madison Square Garden boasts of better suites than Barclays Center

Madison Square Garden

In the hype war, most of the victories the last two weeks have been won by the Nets and Barclays Center with the Knicks and Madison Square Garden folks responding to inquiries with a somewhat arrogant, "The Garden will always be the Garden."

On Wednesday, however, they took the Post's Brooklyn reporter, Rich Calder, on an exclusive tour of their new suite offering. Calder, who has been covering Barclays Center's opening, reports that Garden reps went out of their way, publicly and privately, to boast that their top-of-the-line suites have "all the luxury here of an upscale Manhattan apartment;" can see the court or rink from any point inside the suite unlike, say, The Vault;" cost $700,000, $150,000 more than, say, "The Vault;" and are double the size of, say, "The Vault."