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How bad the is PNY Center? Bad enough they'll practice in Brooklyn!

Roderick Boone

The Nets will be doing a practicing at their practice court at Barclays Center. One league official said the Nets training facility, aka the PNY Center, in East Rutherford is looking like a "war zone." On Sports Center, Deron Williams said, it's damaged bad enough that the Nets will be practicing at Barclays Center. There's flooding inside and outside the 65,000 square feet facility.

"We have no practice facility. We have a lot of damage to our practice facility in New Jersey. So, we're going to practicing at the arena for now, while we can, when we can," Williams told ESPN.

The issue is primarily water on the court at 390 Murray Hill Parkway. Tim Bontemps reports the flooding is "extensive." According to some estimates, the Nets will be forced to use the practice court at Barclays Center for several weeks.

The Nets are expected to announce the site for a new training facility in the near future. The team has looked at sites in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Jersey City and at a number of buildings that could be converted. Even a conversion would take more than a year.