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Barclays Center parking limited but available

Getting to Barclays Center for Thursday's game will be difficult, but there are some parking spots available.

Bruce Bennett

The Nets and Barclays Center are expected to make an announcement later Wednesday about transportation options in hopes of getting as many fans as possible to Thursday's game. When that news arrives, we hope to post it right here.

In the interim, we'll offer some directions of our own, not to the arena but to sites that could be helpful The Nets of course have been telling fans who want to avoid driving to games, basically saying "foggetaboutit." But if you must drive, there is a parking page on the Barclays Center site that offers options in the area around the arena. (Brooklyn has mostly been spared the worst of the power outages that have affected Manhattan.)

Click-and-Park, the Nets parking partner, offers reservations to selected garages. If you want to bike to the arena, there are 400 spots in the rear of Barclays Center...and a map of bike paths under "Bike" on the arena's Public Transportation page. Best wishes to all.