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Mikhail Prokhorov on-the-record about James Dolan, Ivan the Terrible and Honey Boo-Boo

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Mikhail Prokhorov

He's at it again. In an interview with Steve Serby of the Post earlier this week, Mikhail Prokhorov talks about a lot of things from Ivan the Terrible to Honey Boo-Boo. It's probaby his wittiest since his initial press conference back in May 2010.

The big headline? When does he expect the Nets to win a championship? "In June!"

Among the other highlights, Prokhorov tells Serby that one reason he wanted to buy the Nets was that he "really wanted a big market" and that James Dolan should be thrilled that he did so.

"Are you kidding?" He tells Serby. "We’ll be their dream come true! Having a rivalry in New York is great for everyone. This city will have so much to talk about and cheer about." He does say he'd like to share pizza with the Knicks owner. (Prokhorov did invite Dolan to the now-threatened opening night game, but so far, we're told, he's not responded.)

Asked who he'd like to dine with, living or dead, Prokhorov choses an odd duo: Ivan the Terrible, who he said he would try to convince to turn Russia towards Europe; his grandfather, a physician who died in World War II; and "Benjamin Franklin because I feel I know him already. During the wild 90’s, when there was no real banking system, Russia had more $100 bills in circulation than any country in the world!"

Who should play him in a movie? Chris Rock or Dan DeVito because of "obvious physical resemblance." His favorite movie? "All the 'Rocky' movies, except the one where he beats up on the Russian, of course." And what about who he'd like to meet now? "This person called Honey Boo Boo is at the top of my list at the moment. From Moscow it looks as though the US has lost its collective mind on that."

As for Vladimir Putin, Prokhorov chooses his words carefully. (Wouldn't you?!) He declines to say who'd win an athletic contest between the two but says they are both in "fighting shape." He describes the man who beat him for the Russian presidency as "Tough leader. Has a clear vision for the country. It’s not my vision." He's equally careful discussing his (brief) meetings with Presidents Bush and Obama. They talked about basketball, he says. There's also enlightening comments about how much he likes Avery Johnson as a coach.

What would he want his players and Nets fans to say about him? "Thanks for the championship win. Let’s do it again next season."