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Ticket "package" the latest Brooklyn Nets design effort

Brooklyn Nets

When ticket reps call potential buyers, they talk in terms of "packages" -- a season ticket package, a 10-game package, etc.. Well, for those who bought any of those "packages", the term has a new meaning.

Starting Wednesday, they'll be getting real packages from the Nets, black-and-white boxes filled with their tickets, including some special ones. The tickets for Opening Night will be plastic, high quality plastic, commemorative tickets meant as a "keepsake," says Fred Mangione, the Nets executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

"The goal of the package design is to have the wow-ness to match the excitement and euphoria of getting the tickets you've been waiting for.," said Mangione. "We didn't want to send just an envelope with tickets inside."

It's more than just a box. The package and tickets are the latest iteration of the Nets' use of design as a unifying element of their Brooklyn roll-out. Both the package and the tickets are in keeping with the monochromatic motif Jay-Z inspired: black-and-white, simple and classic ... as he's described it. The Nets corporate identity, their logo, their font, their advertising, their uniforms, even the feel of the arena as a "black box" theater are all elements of an overall design plan.

Nets creative director Travis Lee has been the unifying force in making it all work together. His team of Justin Baier, creative designer and Aaron Brown, photographer and designer, executed the designs for the package and tickets, which take advantage of fans' familiarity with the Nets players already established by their advertising work.

Each game ticket except for the commemorative Opening Night ticket will have a headshot, (black-and-white, of course) of one of six Nets players: Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries and MarShon Brooks. The Brooklyn Nets vs. New York Knicks ticket, in addition to being plastic, will be black and white and larger, in keeping with the event itself.