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Deron Williams has "bounce" in his game, hopes injection is "short-term and long-term solution"

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

By all accounts, Deron Williams looked good at Sunday's practice, which as Avery Johnson noted could be the last practice the Nets have before Thursday's game, Sandy permitting.

"My ankle felt better after the shot," Williams said. "I hope that's short-term and long-term solution." Williams received a cortisone injection two days ago to alleviation inflammation in his ankle that he said had bothered him since the Olympics, making even walking painful. After an MRI, the Nets medical/training staff determined the problem was the inflammation, aka synovitis, and recommended the cortisone. Saturday, Williams said the injection resulted in a "night and day" improvement. His teammates and reporters who witnessed the end of Sunday's scrimmage thought they saw a "bouncier" Williams.

"He had good bounce," said Avery Johnson, who like D-Will thought the scrimmage was "competitive" and "needed." Johnson particularly praised Brook Lopez, who he said "was very active, both ends of the floor." In general, Johnson noted, "Reggie Evans has a lot to with the intensity of our practices." Johnson said that if Evans doesn't think a player is ready to practice, he will let the player know.

Reporters also noticed that Mirza Teletovic's three was falling Sunday. In discussions with Ben Couch and Rod Boone, Teletovic said he expected the period of adjustment. He smiled as he noted the presence of "more physical guys who really, like, own you.dont let you move freely on defense ... I have to pretty much adjust to everything. There's a lot of new things," then adding, "I feel good now."

Teletovic admitted being nervous about Hurricane Sandy, noting that his family, a wife and two children, "live on the river, the Hudson is five feet away from my house." D-Will, however, noted he lives in a fifth floor apartment, and that should be high enough.