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Avery Johnson: Homecourt advantage in playoffs, top 10 defense are team goals.

Bruce Bennett

Responding to Stephen A. Smith's questions about what would make the Nets season a success or failure, Avery Johnson wouldn't talk wins or losses, but said that he would like to see the Nets have homecourt advantage in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs and be in the NBA's top 10 defensively. Johnson added it's "fair to say" that if the Nets don't make the playoffs, their first season in Brooklyn will be a failure.

Asked by Smith to "define in your mind what will qualify as success for the Brooklyn Nets," Johnson first talked about defense. "We have to be in top third defensively. We have to make moves in that area. If we do, the wins will come." When pressed, Johnson said, "You get in playoffs, anything can happen ... We'd like to have homecourt advantage in the first round," meaning a top four seed.

As for what would constitute a failure, Johnson said, "No playoffs would be a failure." He said that he is "tired of watching other teams in the playoffs." He did note that "competition is stiff in the East," running through the teams he thought had a good chance of making the playoffs.

Talking about the offense, Johnson again noted his team's versatility, saying the Nets need five players on the floor who can dribble, pass and shoot.