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Deron Williams Talks Brooklyn Nets, Austism Awareness Tattoos with Jimmy Fallon


Deron Williams kicked off the Nets week of late night TV appearances Friday with a visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, pushing his work for autism awareness as well as the Nets move to Brooklyn and his appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

Williams said he was "very excited about Brooklyn. "it's a whole new thing...a quick phenomenon," he said. When asked about his SI cover told Fallon, "That's one of those magazines as a kid, you grow up being an athlete you dream about being on the cover of one of those."

As for Opening Night Thursday, Williams told Fallon, “It’s a big game. It’s a big game for both teams, just to kick off the season, kick off kind of the rebirth of a franchise, and Brooklyn’s behind us. So we’re really excited about the game, and just can’t wait for it to get here.”

Earlier in the show, Fallon and actor Ethan Hawke talked about choosing between the Nets and Knicks. Fallon says he's going with Brooklyn while Hawke --a lifelong Knick fans-- says this season will be "an audition" for him. Hawke's son, however, "has already gone to Brooklyn."

D-Will also talked about how he will wear one of three temporary tattoos if New York Collaborates for Autism raises $100,000. Williams said he hopes fans pick Betty White and suggested he's been told he should wear it on his neck. "If I had to choose, I'm choosing Betty White," he said, "Who doesn't like Betty White?" Williams made the commitment when on Jon Stewart's Night of Two Many Stars last week.

Next week, Fallon's competition, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, is in Brooklyn to celebrate the return of pro sports to Kimmel's birthplace.